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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yearly Binder Cover and Insert 2

(Note: This is also one of the covers for the presidency planners releasing tomorrow! 8/31- the first two weeks the planners will be 50% off!)

More Binder pages coming soon!

Binder Covers

(includes president, 1st & 2nd counselors, secretary and a blank one to fill for your calling)

Yearly Insert
(these are great to have as a quick reference either on the back of the binder or just inside)

(has spaces to fill out song choices and presidency info)

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Yearly Binder Cover and Insert 1



Binder Covers

(includes one for president, 1st & 2nd counselors, secretary, and a blank one so you can add whatever calling you need to)

Yearly Binder Insert
(these are perfect for the back of the binder for a quick reference)

(has spaces to fill songs and presidency info)

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

2016 Yearly Poster 2

I love options and I needed a cover for the planners coming out (MONDAY 8/31!!!) so I decided to make them into the poster too so that you can have everything match! If you choose one of the other covers for the planners please email if you'd like everything to match.

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Primary 7, Lesson 33: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ


Helpful Links:
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Talk by Elder Christofferson)

New Testament Seminary Manual (this pieces apart Jesus' trial to His Resurrection, with very interesting comments to add to your lesson)

Bible Video: Jesus is Laid in a Tomb (this video shows the angels moving the stone)
Bible Video: Jesus is Resurrected

He Sent His Son: the story of Easter -a small coloring book of the last week of Christ's life
Easter Week: a description of Christ's last week and what happened each day.

Christ was laid to rest in Joseph's tomb until Sunday morning. Two angels came Sunday morning and rolled the stone away from the entrance. A woman named Mary Magdalene came to the tomb, she came with spices and ointments to finish the preparation of Christ's body and saw that the stone wasn't covering the entrance and that Christ's body was no longer there.

Mary ran and told Peter and John that Christ's body had been stolen. The two apostles ran to the tomb to find it empty and the clothes that Christ has been buried in were there, they didn't know what to do and went home. Mary Magdalene stayed at the tomb, crying, she looked in the tomb again and there she saw two angels. They asked her why she was crying, she answered saying that someone had taken Jesus' body and she didn't know where it was. She then turned and there stood a man, He asked why she was crying and she asked him if he knew where the body was. The man said, "Mary", she knew then that it was Jesus Christ. He told her that she couldn't touch Him because He hadn't gone yet to Heavenly Father. Jesus then asked Mary to tell the apostles that He was resurrected. Mary and other women went to tell the apostles but they didn't believe them. Later on, the apostles were talking and Jesus came into the room, but they were afraid because they thought Jesus was still dead.
Christ with disciples on the road to Emmaus
Resurrected Jesus with the apostles

Jesus told the apostles to touch His hands and feet. He truly had been resurrected, His body and His spirit joined together again. His visit to the apostles is important because He told them to touch Him so that they might know that He had risen and that they could a witness of His literal Resurrection.
Jesus Christ stayed with the apostles for 40 days teaching them. He told them that they needed to go and teach the gospel to all people, He said that He would have to leave soon but that the Holy Ghost would help them. He then ascended into the heavens, two angels told the apostles that Jesus Christ would come back again some day.
The apostle Peter then became the president of the Church with James and John as His counselors. They would now become the leaders of Jesus Christ's Church.

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Friday, August 28, 2015



14 Questions and Answers about the Sacrament
Sweeter than Ice cream
Washed Clean

Fun Stuff:
The Sacrament (word search)
Sacrament Time (find the reverent people)

Sacrament Service
Primary 3, Lesson 33: The Sacrament Reminds Us of Our Covenants
The Beauty and Importance of the Sacrament
Remembering the Savior's Atonement
Reflections on the Sacrament Prayers
How to prepare for the Sacrament
Remember Jesus Christ During the Sacrament (pinwheel to make to look at during sacrament)
Sacrament (LDS Topics)
Sacrament Meeting and the Sacrament
The Aaronic Priesthood and the Sacrament

The Last Sacrament Cup (Segullah)

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New Testament


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Primary 7, Lesson 32: The Crucifixion and Burial of Jesus Christ


He willingly gave his life so every person who has ever lived, or will ever live, will live again because of his great love for us.
Physical death is part of Heavenly Father’s plan and that Heavenly Father, in His great mercy, sent His Only Begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to overcome death. Through Christ’s death and resurrection, we have all been rescued from physical death. We will die, but we will be resurrected.

Before Christ was put on the cross, the soldiers whipped Jesus. They put a purple robe on Him and a crown of thorns and called him the King of the Jews. But they did this all to mock and make fun of Jesus. The soldiers took Jesus to a hill and a man named Simon of Cyrene carried His cross. They then nailed His hands and feet to the cross and lifted it up. Jesus then prayed and asked Heavenly Father to forgive the soldiers because they didn't know that He was the Savior. Jesus asked the Apostle John to take care of His mother, Mary. Christ suffered on the cross for many hours and darkness came over the land. And after much suffering Jesus' spirit left His body and He died. After He died, the Roman soldiers threw a spear at His side, they were scared because it was dark and an earthquake came and broke big rocks, a veil in the temple also tore in two, they then said, "Truly, this is the Son of God."

One of Jesus' disciples named Joseph begged Pilate for Jesus' body and he wrapped Jesus' body in a white cloth and placed him inside of his tomb. Joseph then rolled a big rock in front of the tomb and left.

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